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Arms & Disarms with your Factory Remote!

1460B Security System

Smart Security, Battery Backup Siren


Price: ¥48,000 + tax
Installation Not Included
Barcode: 4996327084396

Smart Security, Normal Siren


Price: ¥41,000 + tax
Installation Not Included
Barcode: 4996327084402

Click the retail Prices for currency conversion, but note we offer large discounts for customers outside Japan.

 Even if your dashcam has Parking Mode, G-sensor, etc., a thief can still easily steal your dashcam! 1460H products protect your car and your dashcam!

Dashcam Compatible, Horn Output Model
(No Siren, Includes Shock Sensor)


Price: ¥36,000 + tax
Installation Not Included
Barcode: 4571114024931
(Firmware T18)


Dashcam Compatible, Horn Output Model
(No Siren, No Shock Sensor)


Price: ¥32,000 + tax
Installation Not Included
Barcode: 4571114024924
(Firmware T18)

 The 1460H series requires the separate purchase of a KDR-1 to control your Dashcam.

Factory alarms don't prevent car vandalism and theft like VISION security systems can.

Shock Detect

 Body Shock

2-stage shock detection. Light shock triggers Warning chirps. Hard shock triggers 30s siren.

Door Opening

 Door Open

If any door or the trunk is opened while Armed, the siren blasts for 30s.


 Ignition ON

If a thief turns ON the Ignition while Armed, the siren blasts for 30s.


  1. Want Dashcam recording control? Buy a 1460H or 1460H+ and a KDR-1, or purchase a 1460H Value Pack.

  2. Compatible vehicles must have "factory keyless" installed (not a 3rd party keyless kit), and vehicle hazard lights must flash after pressing the factory remote's LOCK or UNLOCK buttons. (See #5 below for a partial exception to this rule.)

  3. Not compatible if vehicle hazard lights flash when the driver's door is unlocked with the metal key. (See #5 below for partial exception.)

  4. Incompatible with vehicles that cannot detect a 12v signal from the door lock motors (e.g., most vacuum-type door locks)

  5. Don't have Factory Keyless? Simply purchase an optional TR365 or TR537S kit along with your 1460 system. Please note, however, that doing so does NOT add keyless entry to your car. If you want door lock control using a TR365 or TR537S kit, you must purchase an optional 318-16R door lock interface.

  6. Some Mitsubishi and Suzuki cars have non-standard hazard lamp flashing associated with keyless door locking and unlocking. This is a problem because 1460 systems read hazard lamp flashes.  The solution is to purchase our KDS-3 interface, which provides the necessary hazard lamp flashing signals to the 1460. The KDS-3 will work on any car that has non-standard vehicle hazard flashing.

  7. If you flash the Hazard lights continually, the 1460 cannot Arm/Disarm when you Lock/Unlock because the 1460 waits to see when the Hazard flashing stops before changing its Armed state.

  8. On vehicles equipped with a Remote Starter that has a "Vehicle AUTO LIGHT Disable" feature, you must DISARM the 1460 BEFORE you shut-off the engine via the Remote Starter.

  9. If you purchased a 1460 product in the past, its firmware may not support newer security features like Relay Attack Prevention. We offer a firmware upgrade service for a nominal fee. Please email us for details.

  10. Some cars experience large voltage drops less than 5V during cranking. Please purchase our UPS-47 for those vehicles.

  11. The 1460B includes a siren with internal backup battery that lasts about 3 years. Even after the backup battery dies, the siren will continue to operate. That battery is glued inside the siren and we do not offer replacements. The battery backup siren also includes 2 keys to allow you to stop the siren blast in cases where you cannot disarm the 1460. We cannot issue replacement keys, so please keep 1 key in a safe location.

  12. Why choose the 1460 over the 1480?  Quite simply, not all vehicles are compatible with our 1480. The 1460 is best for older cars incompatible with the 1480. The 1460 takes longer to install though than the 1480 because the 1460 requires manual (analog) connections to door pin switches, hazard lights, ignition, etc. The 1480 is much easier to install because it is a digital system that communicates directly with the vehicles ECU to determine if doors are opened, ignition switches are on, etc.