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Dashcam Compatible Car Security Value Kit

 MMF-2 Radar Sensor activates your Dashcam when people get too close!
(Dashcam not included.)
 Even if your dashcam has Parking Mode, G-sensor, etc., a thief can still easily steal your dashcam! 1480-DR kits protect your car and your dashcam!

Dashcam Compatible Value Kit
DIGI∞LINK Smart Security, Battery Backup Siren


Price: ¥66,000 + tax
(12% OFF!)
Installation Cost Not Included

JAN: 4571114024993
(1480 firmware v.T60)


Dashcam Compatible Value Kit
DIGI∞LINK Smart Security, Normal Siren


Price: ¥60,000 + tax
(13% OFF!)
Installation Cost Not Included
JAN: 4571114024986
(1480 firmware v.T60)

1480-DR models "B" & "S" are exactly the same except for the Siren.
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 Dashcam not included. Please purchase separately.

1480-DR Functionality & Notes

  • 1480 firmware version T60 (June 2020) added a new user-selectable function that enables Dashcam compatibility. When the 1480's "GWA output" function is changed from Continuous to Pulsed, the Dashcam can then be powered on to record video for 120 sec. whenever there is a full siren trigger (e.g., door opened while armed, hard shock to vehicle, ignition ON, etc.). In addition, the Dashcam will be powered on for 45 seconds warning chirps are emitted (e.g., light shock to the body). This functionality requires the SB-33 & KDR-1 interfaces that are included in the 1480-DR kit. (The SB-33 is a modified version of our SB-03 that works with the 1480-DR kits.)

  • Flashing LEDs like LUMINATOR normally connect their Ground wire to the (-) GWA output of the 1480. But when using a Dashcam, your GWA-attached LED device will only light while the Dashcam is powered on and recording.

  • Attached sensors (e.g., shock, radar, etc.) are powered via GWA while driving, but they will not trigger the alarm.

  • Discounts of 12% & 13% shown above are relative to purchasing kit items separately.

  • A Dashcam is NOT included in the 1480-DR kits.  We do NOT manufacture or sell Dashcams. We are simply aware that Dash Cams are popular and for that reason have made our security products compatible with them.  We strongly suggest you read our article on Dashcam Caveats if you haven't purchased a Dashcam already.