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24V Security System with Keyless Operation

Arm & Disarm with Factory Keyless

Arm by LOCK
Disarm by UNLOCK

24V Engine Immobilizer

Price: ¥41,000 + tax
Installation Not Included
Barcode: 4996327093725


  1. Activates with LOCK, Deactivates with UNLOCK

  2. Horn blasts and lights flash if a door is opened.

  3. Horn blasts and lights flash on engine start attempts.

  4. Immobilizer relay prevents engine starting

NOTE: Siren & Shock Sensor can be added, but sold separately.


24V Security System

Price: ¥58,000 + tax
Installation Not Included
Barcode: 4996327093718


  1. Arms with LOCK, Disarms with UNLOCK

  2. Siren triggered by light and hard shock to vehicle

  3. Battery Backup Siren blasts if vehicle battery disconnected

  4. Siren blasts and lights flash if a door is opened.

  5. Siren blasts and lights flash on engine start attempts.

  6. Immobilizer relay prevents engine starting

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  1. Your 24V vehicle must have "factory keyless" installed (not a 3rd party keyless kit), and vehicle hazard lights must flash after you press keyless LOCK or UNLOCK buttons. See #4 below for workaround.

  2. Not compatible if vehicle hazard lights flash when the driver's door is unlocked with the metal key. See #4 below for workaround.

  3. Installation of the 2460 is possible in the following cases when you purchase an optional TR365 transmitter kit:

    • Vehicles without factory keyless entry or with a 3rd party keyless kit.

    • Vehicles where using the metal key in the driver's door keylock causes hazards to flash

    • Vehicles that do not have a 24V door lock motor signal (e.g., vacuum pump systems)

    • Vehicles where the hazards flash BEFORE the door lock motor signal appears.

    • When you want to sleep in the vehicle with the engine running. You need an optional remote to Arm while Ignition is ON (when Ignition trigger is disabled).

  4. Not all third party electrical customizations may be compatible with the 2460, especially if they interfere with the 2460's ability to properly read the door lock motor signals and the hazard light flashes.

  5. The 2460B includes a 24V siren with internal backup battery that lasts about 3 years. Even after the backup battery dies, the siren will continue to operate. That battery is glued inside the siren and we do not offer replacements. The battery backup siren also includes 2 keys to allow you to stop the siren blast in cases where you cannot disarm the 2460. We cannot issue replacement keys, so please keep 1 key in a safe location.