Shock Sensor, 2-stage

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Eliminate false alarms with Active-IR sensing technology!

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Size: 55x50x22mm (excludes tabs)
Avg. Current Consumption: 4.6mA

This sensor is included with all VISION car security systems.


Competing shock sensors typically use piezo or suspended magnet detectors which are confused by jackhammers, loud trucks, motorcycles, and muffler-modified cars. VISION Active-IR shock sensors use a tiny infra-red transceiver and suspended reflector to detect impact. Intelligent analysis of detected movement avoids false triggers. If this sensor triggers, someone touched your car! 

Featuring user-adjustable sensitivity with excellent coverage of any vehicle from sub-compacts to oversized vans and 4x4's.

2-Stage Shock Sensor, Dual Adjustments

Open Price
BARCODE: 4996327017073

Competing Sensors

Mounting a 3rd party sensor at the front of a car often results in non-uniform coverage, and increasing sensitivity can cause false triggers.


Mounting our 318-052 in the same location at the front of a car provides excellent coverage front to back, without false triggers.

False Alarms ≈ 0

False triggers are nearly eliminated. Large rumbles may trigger short warning chirps but usually not the full 30 sec. Alarm Blast.


  • The 318-052 is included with all VISION security systems. The sensor is sold separately as a replacement for a lost or damaged sensor. Alternatively, our 318-054 offers the same sensor technology in a dual sensitivity adjustment version.

  • "Open Price" means there is no "MSRP" retail price. This is commonly done here in Japan as it potentially saves buyers money if they shop around. Even so, if you are buying from outside Japan, just email us to get the lowest price.

  • As you may expect, this shock sensor (or any other sensor) does not "guarantee" complete protection against theft or vandalism.

  • For the vast majority of vehicles, even large vans or SUVs, the ideal sensitivity setting for either adjustment dial is 50% or less. If the Warning Chirps triggered more often than you like, simply reduce the sensitivity setting.

  • Care must be taken when using our MMF-2 Radar Sensor together with the 318-052 shock sensor. To avoid interference, we recommend mounting the two sensors as far apart as possible -- a distance of no less than 30cm (1ft.).