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Ideal for protecting toolboxes, head units and much more!

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Size: 33×55×13mm
Avg. Current Consumption: 5.8mA


VISION loop sensors trigger the siren whenever a sensor wire leading to a protected item is cut. Perfect for protecting stationary toolboxes, navigation units, audio head units, exterior performance items like spoilers, and whatever can be "removed and stolen."

This product can also be used as a polarity inverter -- useful when you need to invert Door-open or Hood-open trigger signals.

5-point Loop Sensor / Door Trigger Inverter

Price: ¥4,000 + tax
Installation Not Included
BARCODE: 4996327044239


  • As you may expect, this loop sensor (or any other sensor) does not "guarantee" complete protection against theft or vandalism.

  • All 5 WHT/RED sensing wires must be connected to Ground whether used or not. Wrap the sensing wires around and through the items to be protected. When the wire is cut or otherwise severed from Ground, then sensor will trigger an Alarm Blast.

  • To determine if this product can be used as a Door courtesy signal INVERTER in your application, please ensure your vehicle shows +12V when the door switch is OPEN and Ground when CLOSED. All 5 WHT/RED wires of the sensor are to be connected to the Door courtesy switch or switches. When the 318-085 is wired that way and when all doors are CLOSED, the 318-085 does not produce an output.  But when 1 or more of the WHT/RED wires becomes +12V or an open circuit, the 318-085 will output a Ground signal to the car alarm's Door Input wire, triggering the Siren.  Product wiring is the same if you need to invert your car's Hood signal from +12V to Ground.