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Great enhancements to any car security installation!


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DashCam Power Controller

Price: ¥10,000 + tax
BARCODE: 4571114024948
Size: 74x50x30mm (tab excluded)
Avg. Current: 1.0mA

Intelligently powers your DashCam (not included) ON & OFF. Makes possible 24/7 car monitoring and brief recordings (maximum quality, full frame rate) without draining your car battery. Extremely useful even if your DashCam already has Parking Mode, G-sensor, or other security features.

 KDR-1 requires a 1460H or 1480-DR security system or the KDR-2M. (If using the 1460S/B1480S/B or 2460B, the KDR-2M is required.)

DashCam Security Interface

Price: ¥7,500 + tax
BARCODE: 4571114025044
Size: 63x76x31mm (tabs excluded)
Avg. Current: 5.0mA

Automatically record theft attempts, vandalism, and suspicious car window peepers using your existing Dashcam — all without draining your car battery! Combine with our MMF-2 radar sensor to start recording prowlers even before they touch your car. Highly recommended even if your DashCam has Parking Mode, G-sensor, or other security features.

 KDR-2M requires the KDR-1 DashCam Power Controller.

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Hazard Signal Fixer

Price: ¥7,500 + tax
BARCODE: 4571114024849
Size: 46x74x22mm (tab excluded)
Avg. Current: 3.0mA

Designed exclusively as an installation interface for VISION 1460 & SCIBORG 640H security systems, the KDS-3 enables the security system to function properly on vehicles which flash the Hazards 2 times on Lock but only flash 1 time on Unlock (mostly Mitsubishi cars). Without using the KDS-3 on these cars, the 1460 or 640H fails to read the Hazard signal when Unlocking and therefore cannot Disarm.

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Multi-Function Interface

Price: ¥7,500 + tax
BARCODE: 4571114023729
Size: 46x74x22mm (tab excluded)
Avg. Current: 0.5mA~3.0mA

• Activates LUMINATOR LEDs when you press LOCK on your factory remote, when no alarm is installed.
• Activates Hazard light flash on DIGI-LINK security products on cars where Hazards won't flash by CAN-BUS.
• Honks car Horn with VISION 1480 or SCIBORG 540H when (a) it's difficult to install a siren in the engine compartment or (b) you want to have the Horn & Siren blast together.


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Starter Kill Relay Unit

Price: ¥7,500 + tax
BARCODE: 4571114024580
Size: 74x50x30mm (tab excluded)

• Made for Push Start vehicles, this Normally Open dual relay unit prevents starting while Armed by individually cutting 2 engine start signal wires.
• Compatibility confirmed on: Lexus ES, LS (50-series), LX, RX (20-series), & Toyota C-HR, Alphard/Vellfire#30, Voxy/Esquire/Noah#80, Camry#70, Crown2#0, Hi-Ace#200, Harrier#60, Prius#50, Land Cruiser#150/200

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Dual Relay Starter Kill Unit

Price: ¥7,500 + tax
BARCODE: 4571114024344
Size: 74x50x30mm (tab excluded)

When this unit is connected to a car security system that has a (–)GWA output, stepping on the foot brake will energize this relay unit and cut both wires leading to the Push Start switch, thereby preventing the engine from being started. (Cutting only 1 wire will not prevent starting.)

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General Use Dual Relay Kit

Price: ¥7,500 + tax
BARCODE: 4571114024337
Size: 74x50x30mm (tab excluded)

Switch 2 independent 15A relays simultaneously with a single input. Great for applications where you want to disconnect two wires at the same time.

Hazard Light Flash Relay

Price: ¥2,500 + tax
BARCODE: 4996327033974
For 12V security systems only.

If you are installing the 1460 and need to invert the polarity of the (–) GRN output wire to be +12v when connecting to your Parking Lights, be sure to use this relay.

5-wire (50A/30A) Relay

Price: ¥2,750 + tax
BARCODE: 4996327051398
For 12V security systems only.

Versatile automotive relay for use in a variety of applications.


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Door Lock Interface

Price: ¥8,000 + tax
BARCODE: 4996327048633
Size: 74x50x30mm (tab excluded)
Avg. Current: 1.0mA

Universal Door Lock Interface allows door locking/unlocking when the alarm is Armed or Disarmed. Also compatible with Toyota "multiplex" door locks.

• Incompatible with cars that have a factory alarm which cannot be disabled.
• Not guaranteed to work with every door lock variant.
• Some SUBARU vehicles require the purchase of two 318-16R units.

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MAZDA BL/DE Door Lock Kit

Price: ¥5,000 + tax
BARCODE: 4996327055259
Size: 33x55x13mm
Avg. Current: 4.2mA

Speciality (+)12v door trigger converter with dual independent connections.

• For use with Mazda Axela (BL) & Demio (DE) model cars.
• Not needed when installing the VISION 1460 on Mazda Demio cars.


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12V Door Lock Motor

Price: ¥6,000 + tax
BARCODE: 4996327093817

This solenoid is for vehicles that do not have central door locking. The 316-12C enables remote-controlled door locking when you also install a VISION security system.

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24V Door Lock Motor

Price: ¥6,000 + tax
BARCODE: 4996327093824

This solenoid is for 24v trucks that lack central door locking. 2460 security systems require a 318-16R interface. NOTE: cannot be used on wire type door knob mechanisms!