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VISION™ Security Systems

Smart Keyless Upgrade Security, CAN-BUS install

NEW! Dashcam-compatible Car Security Value Kit

Smart Keyless Upgrade Security, Analog install

NEW! Dashcam-compatible 1460 with Horn-output

24v Truck Security Systems

2-way Paging System for 1480 & 1460

SCIBORG® Auto Speed-Lock Products

Speed-Lock System, TOYOTA (T-Connect/DCM)

Speed-Lock System, TOYOTA

Speed-Lock System, HONDA

Racing Enhancer for Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ

Smart Keyless Upgrade Security, CAN-BUS install

CYCLONE™ Motorcycle Security

World's Smallest, Full-featured Motorcycle Alarm

LUMINATOR® LED Theft Deterrents

LED Scanners (black case)

Flashing LED Displays

LED Scanners (clear case)

LED Scanners (tinted case)


Shock Sensor, Dual Adjust

Digital Tilt Sensor with 2-stage Trigger

Radar Sensor, Dual Barrier

Sensor Splitter with ON/OFF switches

Installation Parts

12V Power Stabilizer

General Purpose Dual Relay Kit

OBD 3-way Splitter

OBD 2-way Splitter

1-to-6 Splitter, with 6 Diodes (for 1460)

Ground Booster

Discontinued Products

Ultrasonic Sensor

TOYOTA Speed Lock System (CAN-BUS)

TOYOTA 86 & Subaru BRZ Speed Lock (CAN-BUS)

NISSAN Speed Lock System (CAN-BUS)

TOYOTA Backing Alert with Speed Lock (CAN-BUS)

Premium 2-Way Answer-Back Security

Smart Security Value Model

Smart Security (Shock/Ultrasonic/Combo)

2-Way Answer-Back Security

Keyless Upgrade Security

VISION 2-Way Answer-Back Security System

24v Truck Security