Crime data published by the National Police Agency of Japan shows there were 305 vehicle crimes in Japan committed each day in 2015. Such crimes include car theft, vandalism and items stolen from inside or outside the vehicle. Approximately 32,600 car parts, including tires and car navigation systems, were stolen in Japan in 2015. These crimes continue despite the fact that most cars now come with some form of factory security device.

Protecting a vehicle means more than just protecting the car itself. It means protecting what's inside too. Thwarting increasingly cunning thieves and vandals therefore requires a security system that's always one step ahead. An effective car security system must go beyond factory immobilizers by protecting the car and its contents using a broad selection of intelligent sensors which can be adjusted or added over time as the car owner desires.

VISION engineers have developed sensor technology that deters theft and vandalism without false alarms, thereby reducing “noise pollution” that is all to often associated with “car alarms.” The modular design of VISION security allows the user to conveniently customize system components. And VISION exclusives like IIP, Active-IR, SBS, and Exterior Illumination reflect our zeal for security innovation.

So don't be left in the dark wondering if your car, audio device, or navigation system is safe with that factory alarm. Outsmart thieves before they strike with VISION security systems.

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