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 1-Stage Tilt Sensor


 MSRP: „ 3,000      
(Tax not included.)


Dimensions: 39 x 14 x 9mm (excludes mount)

Avg. Current Draw: none (sensor is a switch)

• As you may expect, this tilt sensor (or any other sensor) does not "guarantee" complete protection against theft or vandalism.
• This tilt sensor is not "digital" and therefore may not function as expected if your vehicle is parked on a steep incline.

318-02 Product Photo

VISION general purpose tilt sensors have a metal ball that shorts 2 electronic contacts when the sensor inclination rises above a user-adjustable threshold. Useful for detection of towing or trunk/hood opening, the 318-02 offers tilt sensing at a price anyone can afford. Purely mechanical operation means the sensor draws no continuous current. Works best when parked on a level surface. For more flexible tilt sensing, consider a digital tilt sensor instead.

Economical tilt sensing without the toxic hazard of mercury switches

Installation Not Included

JAN: 4996327000167


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Tilt Sensor: 1-stage

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