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 ActiveIR 2-Stage Shock Sensor, Independent Adjustments

318-054Dual Outputs

 MSRP: „ 9,500      
(Tax not included.)

• As you may expect, this shock sensor (or any other sensor) does not "guarantee" complete protection against theft or vandalism.
"Multiplex" means that this sensor's output signals are of two different pulse lengths (>950ms = Full Trigger, <400ms= Warn Trigger). This allows you to connect the 2 output wires together, for connecting to compatible 3rd party alarms that have only 1 sensor trigger input.

• For the vast majority of vehicles, even large vans or SUVs, the ideal sensitivity setting for either adjustment dial is 60% or less. If the Warning Chirps are going off more than you like, it means you simply need to reduce the sensitivity setting on the sensor.


Dimensions: 52 x 42 x 20mm

Avg. Current Draw: 4.7mA

Even the smallest movement of the reflector is sensed, and intelligent analysis of the movement eliminates false triggers.

The 318-054 improves on the standard 318-052 shock sensor by offering 2 independent sensitivity adjustments: Warn Away trigger & Full Trigger.

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VISION Active-IR shock sensors use a tiny infra-red transceiver and suspended reflector to detect impact.

Eliminate false alarm fears with Active Infra-Red shock sensing technology!

Installation Not Included

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ACTIVE-IR 2-Stage Shock Sensor



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Shock Sensor: 2-stage

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