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 5-point Loop Sensor / Door Trigger Inverter


 MSRP: „ 3,500      
(Tax not included.)


Dimensions: 35 x 55 x 13mm

Avg. Current Draw: 5.75mA

This sensor doesn't "guarantee" protection against theft/vandalism.

VISION loop sensors trigger the car alarm's siren whenever a sensor wire leading to a protected item is cut. Perfect for protecting stationary toolboxes in trucks, navigation units, audio head units, exterior performance items like spoilers, and whatever can be "removed and stolen."

Dual Purpose Functionality allows the product to act as a polarity converter for door trigger signals.

318-085 Product Photo

Loop sensors are ideal for protecting fixed toolboxes, audio head units and much more!

Installation Not Included

JAN: 4996327044239

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Loop Sensor / Signal Converter

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