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Shock Sensor







Compatible vehicles must have "factory keyless" installed (not a 3rd party keyless kit), and vehicle hazard lights must flash after pressing the factory remote's LOCK or UNLOCK buttons. (See #5 below for a partial exception to this rule.)


Not compatible if vehicle hazard lights flash when the driver's door is unlocked with the metal key. (See #5 below for partial exception.)


Incompatible with vehicles that cannot detect a 12v signal from the door lock motors (e.g., most vacuum-type door locks)


Cannot Arm/Disarm while Hazard lights are flashing. (See #5 below for partial exception.)


If you purchase the optional Pager or Transmitter kit, it is possible to use the 1460 product on vehicles that do not have factory keyless; HOWEVER, the 1460 does not add keyless to the vehicle, nor does the 1460 offer door lock motor control. In other words, without factory keyless entry, the 1460 can only be controlled by the optional TR365 or TR537S remotes, and doors will not Lock/Unlock when you Arm/Disarm. The 1460 is recommended for vehicles that have factory keyless entry.


On vehicles equipped with a Remote Starter that has a "Vehicle AUTO LIGHT Disable" feature, you must DISARM the 1460 BEFORE you shut-off the engine via the Remote Starter.


The 1460 is an improved edition of our popular 1440 product. The key differences between the 1460 and 1440 are as follows:
1) You do not have to perform any door lock motor learning with the 1460. Because no vehicle signals need to be "learned," there are no longer any Arm/Disarm problems caused by vehicle door lock motor signal changes over time (as the vehicle ages).
2) The 1460 includes the PBS-90 program switch, which was an option on the 1440.
3) The 1460's control module has a lower average current consumption than the 1440.
4) The 1460 makes it much easier to disable or enable Arm/Disarm Confirmation Chirps (from the siren).
5) The 1460 can be upgraded with either a 2-way Pager Remote or a 1-way Remote. (No such options for the 1440.)
6) The 1460 offers a Valet (Car Maintenance) Mode. (No such feature on the 1440)
7) The 1460 offers Auto Arm, Auto Rearm and Exterior Illumination features. (See pages 12-13 in the 1460 Owner's Guide for details.)
8) Sensor Bypass Arming method is different (see page 3 in the 1460 Owner's Guide).
9) If you Arm the 1460 and then trigger the siren by opening any door, the hood, the trunk or by switching on the Ignition, you must follow the 4-step procedure on page 4 of the 1460 Owner's Guide to DISARM. (Scroll to the top of this web page and click on the PDF "MANUAL" icon to download.)


Why choose the 1460 instead of the 1480? Because not all vehicles are compatible with our 1480 CAN-BUS product. The 1460 is intended for customers who have older cars incompatible with the 1480. The 1460 takes longer to install than the 1480 because the 1460 requires manual connections to door pin switches, hazard lights, ignition, etc. The 1480 is much easier to install (on compatible vehicles) because it is a digital system that communicates directly with the vehicles ECU to determine if doors are opened, ignition switches on, etc. NOTE: optional 1-way transmitter kits (TR365S & TR365D) are compatible with all firmware versions of the 1460, but only Firmware T35 (May 2017) or newer versions of the 1480. Also, if you add a TR365S or TR365D kit to your 1460, you cannot also add the 2-way kit (TR537S) because each kit uses a different Antenna transciever unit.


Want to use your car's remote? Upgrade your factory keyless with advanced security features!

Main FeaturesArm/Disarm with Your Factory Remote!

Arm/Disarm with Factory Remote



Trigger Sectors: IG, Door, Shock Sensor, Battery Cut

Protection Rating

[ 1460B = 3.5 / 5 ]

29  Sensor Bypass Mode

Normal Mode

Arming Modes

Main Features

Shock Sensor

Factory Keyless/Smart

Remote Engine Starter

Sensor Bypass

IP54 Certified
"BEEP" Siren

Parking Light Flash
Relay Onboard

Standard Keyless Upgrade Security


 MSRP: „ 32,000    

Installation Not Included

 (Tax not included.)

JAN: 4996327084402

• The 1460S & 1460B are identical, except for the siren. The 1460B's siren has an internal backup battery.
• Photo & data at upper left refer to the 1460B only.

(The 4 gold colored icons are options.)
CLICK icons for details

 Hi-Grade Keyless Upgrade Security


 MSRP: „ 38,000    

Installation Not Included

 (Tax not included.)

JAN: 4996327084396

TR365S & TR365D: OPTIONAL 1-WAY Transmitter & Antenna Kit純正リモコン写真RelayAttack

* One alkaline battery included and not covered under warranty.  * Never mount Antenna Unit to metal or inside the side pillars (left & right of windshield).
* Wireless range adversely affected in cars that have metal particle film applied to windows.  *The Pager Remote is not waterproof or drop-proof.

* Always keep the 2-way pager remote and your SMART key fob at least 10cm apart to avoid RF interference and malfunction of the pager.

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