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 ActiveIR 2-Stage Shock Sensor

318-052Dual Outputs

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• This shock sensor comes standard, in-the-box, with all VISION Security Systems.

• As you may expect, this shock sensor (or any other sensor) does not "guarantee" complete protection against theft or vandalism.
• For the vast majority of vehicles, even large vans or SUVs, the ideal sensitivity setting for the 318-052 shock sensor is 50% or less. If the Warning Chirps are going off more than you like, it means you simply need to reduce the sensitivity setting on the sensor.


Dimensions: 55 x 50 x 22mm (excludes tabs)

Avg. Current Draw: 4.6mA

Even the smallest movement of the reflector is sensed, and intelligent analysis of the movement eliminates false triggers.

VISION sensor technology is a cut above the rest. Competing shock sensors most often use piezo or suspended magnet detectors that are often confused by jackhammers, loud trucks, motorcycles, and muffler-modified cars. The IP40-certified VISION 318-052 eliminates false triggers without sacrificing sensitivity by using a much more sophisticated IR impact detector.

The 318-052's sensitivity is user-adjustable, with adequate coverage of any vehicle from sub-compact cars to oversized vans and 4x4's.

318-052 Product Photo

VISION Active-IR shock sensors use a tiny infra-red transceiver and suspended reflector to detect impact.

Eliminate false alarm fears with Active Infra-Red shock sensing technology!

Installation Not Included

JAN: 4996327017073

VISION vs. The Competition

High Sensitivity, but with No False Alarms!

ACTIVE-IR 2-Stage Shock Sensor



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