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 2-Zone Radar Sensor

MMF-2Dual Outputs

 MSRP: „ 12,000      
(Tax not included.)

• As you may expect, this Radar sensor (or any other sensor) does not "guarantee" complete protection against theft or vandalism.
"Multiplex" means that this sensor's output signals are of two different pulse lengths (>950ms = Full Trigger, <400ms= Warn Trigger). This allows you to connect the 2 output wires together, for connecting to compatible 3rd party alarms that have only 1 sensor trigger input.

• Cars with aftermarket film applied to the glass, and even glass that came with special coatings from the factory, can sometimes limit the range of radar sensors. Determine if your car has this kind of glass before you purchase a radar sensor; otherwise, sensor performance may not be what you expect.

• You cannot add more than 1 radar sensor to the same car. Interference from multiple sensors causes false triggering.


Radar (or "field disturbance") sensors add an important layer of security on convertible vehicles, where the physical body of the car is open and therefore cannot act as a deterrent to theft of items inside the car. Radar sensors are also useful to thwart "keying" vandalism in that the sensor field can be set to detect people walking outside the vehicle and trigger when they get too close.

It is important to note, however, that hard rain and sudden changes in temperature and/or humidity can occasionally cause radar sensors to trigger the siren, at times you may not expect. For most non-convertable cars and in cases where you are not overly concerned with "keying" vandalism, we recommend the 318-04 Ultrasonic Sensor instead.

The table below compares Ultrasonic Sensors to Radar sensors.

Sensor Comparison: RADAR vs. ULTRASONIC

Sensor Type



Reaction to Rain


Open-window Issues


Inside Only

Affected by air pressure changes


HIGH, in closed environments

Could false trigger due to wind blowing outside


Goes outside the window, up to 1m.

Affected by metal objects

Could false trigger

LOW, in open or closed environments


The green colored area shows the maximum size of the outer field with respect to a large (full-sized) sedan.

Outer Zone - Side View

Sensor Usage & Selectable Modes

Rain can false trigger this sensor, so we recommend the optional PBS-20 switch (or SB-03) so you can easily turn off the sensor before heavy rainstorms.

NORMAL MODE: After the Outer field is triggered (Warning Chirps), the Inner field will only trigger the full 30s siren blast if tripped within 7 seconds.

STEP MODE: Cutting the red loop wire makes the sensor require 2 triggers on the outer field before the inner field can trigger. The 7 sec. timer still applies.


Dimensions: 36 x 50 x 14mm

Avg. Current Draw: 7.0mA

VISION 2-zone radar sensors generate 2 different low power GHz-band radar waves to shield inner and outer areas of your car. Only large objects like a hand or arm will trigger the sensor. Protects your car regardless of whether the windows or ragtop is down.

When the outer field is penetrated, the sensor will trigger Warning Chirps only. If the inner field is penetrated, the full 30s siren blast will go off. Both fields feature independent sensitivity adjustments.

MMF-2 Product PhotoOuter Zone - Top View

Protect your personal effects inside the car while shielding it from vandalism on the outside!

Installation Not Included

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